Saturday, August 22, 2009

Week One in CSC 442 Section B - Fall 2009 Semester

Hi everyone! This posting has a short podcast for our class, with a look ahead to Week One. A handout about the use of podcasts in our class is at:

A transcript for this podcast is at:

The orange title at the top of this posting is a direct link to the mp3 file with the podcast (so you can right-click on the title and save the mp3 file to your PC). Remember that you can subscribe to these podcasts using the free iTunes software - just click on the hyperlink labeled "link to RSS feed" in the right-hand column of this webpage.

The music in this podcast is Mozart's Fortepiano Trio in C - K548 - Allegro, recorded by Christopher Kite (fortepiano) and Colin Lawson (clarinet). See:

-- Burks


Pakun said...

Great podcast! Very informative and professional. Also, good choice on the music selection : )

jeefrs23 said...

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